About Us

Me, I am Olivia and Mum, is Justine.. We were both born in Swansea on Tassie’s East Coast.. Me, the daughter of Mum and Brian and Mum the daughter of Nell and Ned.. Mum has three children and seven brothers and sisters! Mum has worked as a Teacher Aide and various other roles at Triabunna District School since 1981.. Me, I have two children and five siblings..! I have worked in the hospitality industry and local government until starting my own business Tassie Terrariums®️ in 2015.. Me and Mum’s is our initiative to provide a service to Tassie’s East Coast, that will be, a place to stop, rest and refresh on the long drives, a place to purchase beautiful quality unique Tasmanian handmade gifts and souvenirs, terrariums, plants and nursery supplies, a place to meet with friends, enjoy a coffee, a fresh sandwich and one of Mum’s to die for melting moments, or a place to just pop in and grab a succulent to feed your new found addiction.. 
Why Me and Mum’s? When I asked Mum what she thought we should call the shop, she said I have been thinking “Me and Mum’s”.. Flooding me with memories of a consistent grammar correction problem Mum had during my teenage years..!!! Me and Mum went to the shop.. “Mum and I”... Me and Tim did that.. “Tim and I”... When I was constantly being corrected.. Dad’s favourite was to jump in and he would say “No Justine, you weren’t there”..!!.. So, because it is so wrongly right and Mum and I’s just didn’t cut it this time.. “Me and Mum’s” it became..